Smt. Kamala and Sri.Venkappa M. Agadi College of Engineering and Technology Library named as Prof. Venkata Subba Setti Library and it was established in the year 2003. The Library is housed in a specious building having 800sq.mtrs and has over 28410 volumes related to Science and all branches of Engineering. Library subscribes 8 electronic databases, Viz, IEL Online, Springer, Elsevier Science Direct, Taylor & Francis, ASCE, Pro Quest Engineering, Pro Quest Management and Knimbus Digital Library, Knimbus Remote Access Solution under VTU Consortium. More than 35068 e-Journals, and 36 print National journals and are available to the faculty, students and other users through annual subscription. And also have perpetual access towards e-books of Springer, Taylor & Francis, and 169 Pearson Computer Science e-books collection. Handbooks, Standards, Manuals, Encyclopedias, Technical Reports, Conference Proceedings, and Back volumes. The books are stacked in open racks arranged subject wise as per Dewey decimal classification schedule. The Library is automated with Easylib software upgraded with 4.3.2 version with OPAC facility hosted in LAN Campus. Digital Library facility, CD services, VTU membership for E-Resources, book banks schemes, reading rooms, reprographic facility are the additional resources of the library. Total Area of the Library: 826Sqm. Ground Floor: 406 Sqm. First Floor: 420 Sqm

Digital Library

The Digital Library is a separate place exclusively devoted for a digital library. It has in housed with 40 independent machines with A/C facilities. A patron can surf the internet, listen and watch academic related audios & videos in a digital library.

Apart from this, the users from the digital library can also browse the parent library through Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and even subscribed electronic databases.

The digital library is designed and developed keeping in view the shifting IT environment and the day to day needs of modern students.

E Journals / Resources

Sl. No Publishers E Resources
1 ASCE Journals
2 CRC BOOKS (T and F) Books
3 Proquest Journals
4 IEL Online Journals, Conference Proceedings and Standards
5 Springer Books and Journals
6 Knimbus Journals and Gateway
7 Science Direct Journals

E-Resources (On-line) Access: URL links as below It includes IEEE- All Society Periodicals e Package (ASPP) 273 e-Journals, 1000 eBooks, 6514 Conference proceedings, 3043 Technical Standards etc. (2016) (Back file Access – since 1872). It includes Elsevier Science Direct Package, 288 Journals of Computer Science, Information Science and Mechanical. It includes SPRINGER Package, 680 Journals of Electrical & Electronics, Computer Science and Information Science and other Departments. It includes 35 e-Journals, over 300 titles (2016) (Back files Access – since 1983) It includes 4328 Journals, 161 Magazines, 017 News Papers, 213 other resources, Other ProQuest Technology collections 14425 It includes Scholarly journals, books, eBooks, reference works, and databases, our content spans all areas of the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, science, technology, and medicine.  Content: 240 Journals. Knimbus stands for Knowledge Cloud and is a dedicated knowledge discovery and collaborative space for researchers and scholars.  Content: 13000 open access journals and e books 1000.